June 26, 2022

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We are always looking for the best content for our Google News site. If you have something to say and a talent for writing, then why not write for us?

If you would like to write a sports guest post or a news guest post about any of the categories we feature on this site then we have a few guest posting guidelines that we would love for you to follow please?

  • If you have genuinely interesting news and well written content then we will welcome your well written articles.
  • We receive many requests every day. We will try to respond to everyone who emails us as quickly as possible.
  • Please read this page for full guidelines if you want to write for us.

If you want to be published on ProFootballTalkine then send us your pitch: editor@profootballtalkline.com

Categories accepted when you write for us:

  • Sports
  • News
  • Business
  • Health


  • 750+ words
  • Completely fresh content produced specifically for ProFootballTalkline
  • We are in Google News so we really only want high quality content please
  • We encourage you to provide images. These must be landscape 450 x 300 pixels
  • When you write for us the content must be unique. We cannot publish content that appears somewhere else on the internet.
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How do I submit a guest post?

Please email us at: editor@profootballtalkline.com or use the form below: