June 26, 2022

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Vincent Labrune Has Written To Javier Tebas, Regarding The ‘Attacks’ On Kylian Mbappe

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Vincent Labrune, the president of the Professional Football League (LFP), wrote to his Spanish counterpart Javier Tebas, saying he was “shocked,” to answer the “slanders” about Kylian Mbappé’s extension to PSG, which the La Liga leader described as an “insult to football.”

La Liga’s criticisms of Kylian Mbappe’s new Paris St-Germain contract are “inappropriate,” according to the head of Ligue 1.

Javier Tebas, who has waged a long-running fight against what he refers to as “club-states,” slammed Mbappé on Saturday for extending his contract “due to vast sums of money,” even though PSG would have suffered “losses of 700 million euros in recent seasons,” according to him. According to the DNCG’s annual report, Paris SG lost roughly 225 million euros in 2020-2021, owing to a TV rights crisis in Ligue 1 and behind closed doors.

On Saturday, France star Kylian Mbappe, 23, signed a lucrative three-year deal after being linked with a free transfer to Real Madrid.

PSG’s alleged contract offer has been dubbed “scandalous” by La Liga, but Ligue 1 president Vincent Labrune has reacted strongly. “Over the last ten years, La Liga has spent 32% more on players than Ligue 1,” he remarked.

Qatar Sports Investments, a subsidiary of Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), the Qatari government’s sovereign wealth fund, owns PSG.

They were desperate to keep Mbappe, whose contract was about to expire in June, and were willing to pay him a £21 million net yearly wage to do so.

After president Javier Tebas described the arrangement as an “insult to football,” La Liga revealed preparations to submit a complaint with Uefa and French and EU authorities.

However, Labrune expressed the French football governing body’s “disapproval and incomprehension” of the outbursts in a letter to Tebas.

“Your attacks on Ligue 1 and one of our clubs, Paris Saint-Germain, as well as one of our players, Kylian Mbappe, are based on your own perception of financial insolvency and competitive imbalance, which you consistently assign to Ligue 1 and one of our clubs,” he said.

“The fact that you publicly and regularly criticize Ligue 1 and disparage our league and clubs on this subject is both unacceptable and demonstrably incorrect.

“In the last decade, Real Madrid and Barcelona, two of your clubs, have shattered a slew of records.

“These two clubs have smashed the world record for transfer fees six times. Real Madrid’s bench currently contains two of the highest-paid players in football.

“Despite the European Court of Justice decision that Real Madrid and Barcelona benefited from illegal state aid, Barcelona is said to have a debt level of €1.5 billion.”

On Wednesday, Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin told BBC Sport that the organization had “strong financial fair play standards.”

“Anyone who follows our regulations is welcome to participate in our competitions; anyone who does not follow the rules will not,” he stated.

“Uefa will not be told what to do by Real Madrid or anyone else. They are furious from one perspective, and their offer was equivalent to [PSG’s] offer, as far as I know.”

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