June 26, 2022

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Will Benzema be Injury Free for PSG Next Week?

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We all enjoyed Benzema on his spectacular run, but it seems the French forward has overworked his body. It’s still speculative if he’ll be fit for the much-anticipated clash with PSG next week. 

What Happened?

Though the injury made headlines against Elche on 23rd last month, the Frenchman’s on-the-edge two-month performance gave some strong indicators for those with a keen eye. 

Up till December 1st, he had starred in a total of 26 games in 109 days, with only missing one out of 20 in La Liga. ‘Some sight’ it was – he had all the buzz.

A decline in playtime was observed in Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid games, but he came back to clock a full 90 minutes in the games that followed. 

Thanks to winter break, he recharged and dominated two games along with the Supercopa de Espana until the final whistle. 

But that was as far as our Coco could go. A thigh injury against Elche in La Liga officially ended the ‘Benz Buzz.’ 

If anyone asks, Karim’s December 4th – January 23rd stats show the statistical decline of a spectacular form – the stats don’t lie. 

What Now? No Benzema?

The biggest concern of the club and devoted Madridistas is that big game against the ex-club antagonist Lionel Messi’s PSG. 

Though Madrid shows optimism on the surface and might even star the Frenchman for a few minutes against Villarreal this Saturday, the most likely future doesn’t have a place for Karim Benzema – at least not yet.

According to some news sources, Benzema suffered a minor hamstring tear and has been under special care since the 23rd. 

There are some light training and ball work highlights on club’s Instagram. However, it can be observed that he hasn’t recovered his peak form

Still, he could pull off something magnificent in the few minutes he might play against PSG. We all know he is very much capable of doing that.

The question is whether Real Madrid will let PSG control the game for them to risk injuring their star player? Everyone will have an eye out for this clash next week. Hopefully, everyone can bring their A team….

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