June 26, 2022

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Ousmane Dembele Criticized By Joan Laporta

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s move to Barcelona, their president Joan Laporta told us he’s hoping to present him to the fans tomorrow, although the deal is yet to be confirmed.

Arsenal canceled his contract allowing him to leave on a free but shortly after posting photographs of a bang training on the Barcelona website this morning, the club took them down. Spanish football expert Álvaro Montero has said that inside Barcelona, they are convinced that the player does not belong to Arsenal, although it’s not official.

It is said that two minutes before midnight, so yesterday the Spanish peninsula time 23:58 in the night “when we saw john Laporta celebrating the sign of the player we saw the player himself with his agent and with his family it is said that the player was not from arsenal anymore.”

John Laporta recognized that the player would be presented officially in the next two to three days so before the week finished. Still, it’s not known if it’s an ethical or legal issue, but the truth is that he has practiced with his teammates in the Barsa facilities after his arrival yesterday and this morning.

There were 23 pictures on the football website of Barcelona, and suddenly minutes after, because in one of those pictures, there was pierrot median training with Adama Travis and his teammates, that picture was removed. It’s unknown whether it’s an ethical or a legal issue, but Varsa is not convinced of this picture, so they have removed it from their website.

Well, Barcelona’s leader is likewise in trouble with husband Dembele. The two great proposals from abroad were turned down by the club’s 97 million wingers and are now being frozen out by his agreement of the last six months at the new camp.

Dembele also turned down Barcelona’s offer of a new contract, albeit on a lower salary, as the club tried to reduce their huge wage bill, so he’ll now be available for free in the summer. However, he may not get much game time between now and the end of the season, by the side of things.

Laporta Criticizes Dembele

“For the remaining 6 months, we presented him with two proposals, but he was not willing to accept even he did not accept the English team proposal.

It makes no sense that he’s decided to stay here; it is bad for both him and the club.”

“The contract extension could have extended the (financial) fair play (capacity). We worked with Bamiyang until 12 o’clock and it was very difficult.”

We think for the summer he has an agreement with another club. I don’t know what they suppose; however, we will act in the concern of the club.”

The tricky situation is what will happen with the player because Chavirnand, a few days ago, said he could stay in the tribune and not play with the teams, which Laporta likes the idea but now after Laporta saying yesterday that it’s a huge problem for the club.

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