June 26, 2022

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Twitter Is Against The Cancellation Culture

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The new functionality of Twitter will hide messages published on the social network that have reached an age, to prevent other users from finding them.

Twitter finally seems to have realized the great problem of harassment that it has on its platform, and in just a few days it has presented or filtered several news. This same week it announced a new safe mode, in which algorithms are capable of blocking users who insult us so as not to see their messages.

But according to Bloomberg , that is not the only novelty related to privacy and personal protection that Twitter prepares. The platform would be developing an option to put an expiration date on tweets , something like the messages that delete themselves that many services have implemented, such as WhatsApp . The difference is that the messages would not be deleted, they would only be hidden from view of the users.

The new option would allow us to designate a period of time, such as 30, 60, 90 days or even a full year; Each tweet published will only be available during that period, and when it ends, they will disappear from our profile and no other user will be able to read them . However, these messages will still be associated with our account and we may continue to see them.

The objective of Twitter, according to internal sources, is to make Twitter a more comfortable platform for users, where they can express themselves without fear that what they say will be available forever. It is not uncommon for users to lose their job or are forced to close their account due to messages posted years ago, a phenomenon known as “cancellation culture.” It seems that this functionality is a direct response to this type of practice in the social network, although for the moment, the company has not confirmed the development publicly.

Along with this function, other changes will seek to inform the user of what he is sharing on the social network. A new notification that will arrive from this September will ask us if we want our account to be public or private .

In addition, Twitter also experiments with other functions, such as one that would allow us to remove followers . If we have a follower that we do not want to follow us, the only option we have is to block him; soon, we will be able to simply remove it from our follower list. We can also hide the messages in which we have clicked ‘Like’, and remove ourselves from conversations in which they have put us.

These changes do not have a release date, and there are some whose development has not yet begun, but Bloomberg expects that as of this month they will begin to arrive.

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