June 26, 2022

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They Defy Curfew To Protest Death Of A Young Black Man

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They defy the curfew to protest the death of a young black man. A white agent allegedly accidentally shot Daunte Wright last weekend.

Hundreds of protesters on Monday night defied the curfew imposed by the governor of Minnesota to protest the death of young African-American Daunte Wright during a police check this weekend. The protesters gathered in front of the Brooklyn Center Police Station, the Minneapolis suburb where the incident occurred.

After the curfew of 7:00 p.m. local time (00:00 GMT Tuesday), there were clashes between protesters and riot police officers of the Minnesota State Police. According to local media reports, there were arrests and in parallel to the clashes there were also looting of shops. Some of the shops in the area, which were not looted, were defended by armed civilians.

Tension soars in Minneapolis over another death of a young black man by a police shooting
On Sunday, during a traffic control in Brooklyn Center, a white agent allegedly “accidentally” shot the African American Daunte Wright , 20, as explained this Monday at a press conference by the local Police Chief, Tim Ganno . According to Ganno, the police wanted to use a stun gun known as a “taser” to immobilize Wright, but they got confused and fired a bullet with his firearm that killed the man.

Regarding the reason for the traffic stop, he explained that the vehicle was intercepted because it did not have some papers in order, after which they asked Wright for identification and then they realized that he had an arrest warrant pending for not having appeared before the Justice for the crimes of illegal possession of a weapon and resistance to authority. Then, when trying to stop him, he resisted, tried to get back into his vehicle and the police shot him.

The incident happened as nerves are running high in Minneapolis, which is anxiously awaiting the outcome of the trial against Derek Chauvin, one of four police officers charged with the murder of George Floyd last year, which sparked a wave of racial protests across the country.

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